DestinyChannel Vision

DestinyChannel is projected to be a leader in a media revolution of positive and inspirational streaming mobile and satellite TV. DestinyChannel is designed to bring revolutionary faith based content through both streaming and mobile platforms. Our target audience is those who are on the move yet want to have consistent daily input that will help them reach their greatest potential and achieve their God-given destiny. Our cutting edge and relevant content covers a 3E strategy; which is empower, encourage, and entertain a post-modern generation who believe in having fun and successful lives, who crave to be spiritual and impacting leaders in society. DestinyChannel will host a wide variety of music/worship videos, movies, drama series, original programming and documentaries of movements. DestinyChannel is postured to produce its own programming that will consist of television shows, personal development programming, “How to” programs, sports commentary, documentaries, as well as inspirational television programming. DestinyChannel will both distribute through satellite and streaming its 24/7 schedule in addition to archiving on the website our most popular programs. DestinyChannel will be a world-class platform for up and coming musical artists, film makers, and communicators. The largest frustration for Indie film makers and music artists is the lack of distribution. DestinyChannel will be the answer for both platform and distribution problems. 

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