DestinyChannel Vision

DestinyChannel is projected to be a leader in a media revolution of positive and inspirational streaming mobile and satellite TV. DestinyChannel is designed to bring revolutionary faith based content through both streaming and mobile platforms. Our target audience is those who are on the move yet want to have consistent daily input that will help them reach their greatest potential and achieve their God-given destiny. Our cutting edge and relevant content covers a 3E strategy; which is empower, encourage, and entertain a post-modern generation who believe in having fun and successful lives, who crave to be spiritual and impacting leaders in society. DestinyChannel will host a wide variety of music/worship videos, movies, drama series, original programming and documentaries of movements. DestinyChannel is postured to produce its own programming that will consist of television shows, personal development programming, “How to” programs, sports commentary, documentaries, as well as inspirational television programming. DestinyChannel will both distribute through satellite and streaming its 24/7 schedule in addition to archiving on the website our most popular programs. DestinyChannel will be a world-class platform for up and coming musical artists, film makers, and communicators. The largest frustration for Indie film makers and music artists is the lack of distribution. DestinyChannel will be the answer for both platform and distribution problems. 

Why become a DestinyPartner?

According to a survey report from Altman Vilandrie & Company and Peanut Labs, the number of people who watch broadcast TV programming on the Internet has doubled in the last year. The survey also found that broadcast TV viewing is age-related, with only 42% of 18-34 year-olds watching TV shows daily during their normal broadcast time, versus 60% of those 35 and older.


A recent survey released by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. showed that a shift was happening in the way young Americans preferred to experience entertainment, with approximately 60% of surveyed college students in the US using their PCs most, and not televisions, for entertainment. The survey also revealed that of the students surveyed, 77% listened to music on their PCs and 70% used their PCs to watch video. In addition, 64% watched entertainment on their computers with others (regularly, often, or sometimes), as opposed to just 44% of the general population surveyed.


According to a survey by Deloitte and YouGov, the importance of on demand television over the Internet has grown significantly over the past three years. In particular, the number of 18 to 24 year-olds that rated TV over the Internet, either clips or entire programs, as “very important” had tripled over the last three years.


These stats show us that young adults are interested in viewing interesting and entertainment programming, just not via the traditional medium. There are also stats showing that 80% of young adults stop attending church at the age of 18 and often do not return until 26 years of age or older. If traditional Christian television is not reaching them and they are not attending church during this age it leaves us with a dilemma of reaching them by traditional means.


Our mission is not traditional nor common. We envision that DestinyChannel will be a strong answer to the present challenges of reaching this current generation. Destiny will go head on to reach this dynamic generation with cutting edge and relevant programming which is interesting and accessible to a moving and energetic culture. Join the revolution by becoming a DestinyPartner.

DestinyChannel Films 

The Independent Artist and Film industry is taking off. DestinyChannel Films is a platform for Christian and positive films to debut. DestinyChannel will move the world through hosting the finest and most powerful messages delivered through the creative art of film. DestinyChannel will be a 24/7 channel that offers world-class short stories and feature films from known and independent filmmakers in the industry. 

Destiny Channel